Baker Business 3 Version 1.1 Released!

Introducing the latest edition of the popular mobile game Baker Business! In Baker Business 3 you’ll get the experience of running your very own bakery! By purchasing ingredients, baking a large variety of unlockable recipes, upgrading your bakery, and serving your freshly-baked baked goods to your various customers! All the while leveling up to unlock more surprise recipes and items for your bakery!

Available Platforms:

Google Play (Android):

Apple (iOS):

Amazon (Kindle):

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You Spell update version 2.0.1

I’m excited to tell you that You Spell has been updated. We’ve added some new features and have plans to expand on multiple platforms!

So far we’ve released to Google Play / Android and coming soon to iPad, iPhone, Amazon Kindle Fire, Amazon Fire Phone and Windows Phone!

New Features include the ability to have multiple profiles. So you can share the app with your friends and family. This could also allow you to have multiple word sets for example: week one, week two, etc.. We have also added in an easier way to see your statistics under “My Stats”. Allowing you to follow your progress easier.

We hope you enjoy this update and please comment below or post in the You Spell forums with anything you’d love to see with You Spell.

Happy Spelling!



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We recently updated our forums and blog to make it easier for you to speak with us and share your thoughts. We want to have fun making simply great games and apps with you, our community. We can only do so much and so your voice helps us know what YOU want as a collective. Our current plans are to build products that universally work on both iPhones and Androids (including iPads and tablets) and to greatly improve the quality of our products. Leave a comment below and let us know, what would you like to hear about from us and what you would like to see us do.

Create your Perfect Horse!


We have put together a little present for all you horse fans out there! If you head over to Horse Stable Tycoon’s page on Living Code Labs you’ll see a new tab on the left called ‘Free Stuff’. This will allow you to download your very own Create a Horse pack where you can download, print-out, color-in, assemble and play with your very own paper horse and accessories. We want to see what your favorite horses are – maybe dazzling, smart, fancy..? Show us your champion horses by submitting your creations to our Facebook page.