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    What objects are good, bad or okay to run into?
    In the game you will encounter good or beneficial objects, bad or harmful objects and neutral objects. Good objects include cheese (not bad cheese), keys, sugar cubes and health cookies. Cheese and keys will grant score, which will unlock levels and help you save Noble. Sugar cubes will increase your running speed. Health cookies will heal any lost health by 2 hearts.

    Bad objects are objects that will take away health. These include small bad cheese (1 Heart), large bad cheese (2 Hearts), mousetrap (3 Hearts), poison puddle (4 Hearts), cats (All 5 Hearts).

    Neutral objects mostly do nothing, except certain items that are called ‘blocks’ these will stop you in your tracks and reduce your speed down to starting speed (i.e. Books, Plant Pots, etc..) Occasionally neutral objects will make it harder by obscuring your vision, for example, a newspaper could cover a mousetrap.

    How do I know when I’m going to level up?
    On the main level selection page you will see the total amount of score required to clear each level and the current percentage. In game you will see the percentage at the bottom of the screen. When you unlock the next level, its up to you when you go to it. By returning to the main menu, then play, you can then go to the next level.

    Why is some cheese worth more points than other cheese?
    Score you get for cheese is based on a few factors. The level are you on (1, 2, 3… 10), the size of the cheese (small or large) and the speed at which you are going (eating sugar cubes). By eating sugar cubes you are able to increase your speed up to a maximum value. This maximum value will provide you with the most you can get for the cheese at this level and you won’t see any more sugar cubes.

    Why do I have only a certain amount of time?
    Time represents distance or allowed time. You are running through homes and backyards with a limited amount of distance and time. It maybe necessary to repeat this process a few times to complete the level and basically by then you’ve “cleared the house’s cheese out!”

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