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    The Story subtitles are too fast I didn’t have time to read
    Pressing the top left refresh button, during the story, will restart the story if you didn’t see what was said. This is because we wanted the story’s dialogue to flow of its own accord.

    How to tell if you’re going full speed
    Eating sugar cubes will increase your speed slightly. If you reach full speed, sugar cubes will stop appearing. So if you see sugar cubes you aren’t going at full speed yet. At higher levels you are forced into a faster speed by sugar cubes appearing more vigorously than cheese.

    What’s slowing you down?
    If you get hurt, by eating bad cheese for example, or get stuck behind a blocking item, i.e. a stack of books, your speed will be knocked down to the original starting speed. You will need to then collect sugar cubes again and build up your speed.

    Understanding the Leaderboards
    When you click ‘Leaderboard’ on your main menu, you’ll be brought to the Total Scores Leaderboard via the Game Center. This is a leaderboard for the total accumulated score each player has built up. This can be daunting to beat, as the player’s score will continue to accumulate. However if you select the button on the top left marked ‘Leaderboards’ it will take you back to a list of other leaderboards. In fact there will be one for each level in the game; for highscores achieved in that particular level. This may be much more obtainable.

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