NEW APP! You Spell v.1.0 has been Released!

You Spell has been released on iOS and can be downloaded now from the AppStore for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!


Want to not only learn to spell words but master them forever? With You Spell you will have fun learning any word fast and effectively. You Spell is so easy to use and is suitable for all ages.

Add in your own words or receive a suggested word, at the touch of a button, for your spelling level. Then earn stars as you master your new words.

Behind the scenes, clever algorithms focus on what difficulties you may have and adjusts itself to help you learn. You will be challenged in a way that teaches your brain to hold words into your long term memory. So you always have the powerfully confident writing style when you need it.


  • Easy to use for any age!
  • Ideal for parents or teachers wanting to give their children a tool that will test their spelling words and give them a fun way to figure out their own methods of remembering with the aid of You Spell.
  • Ideal for anyone wanting to never forget how to spell that word again!
  • Achievements to mark those milestones in your learning.
  • Leaderboard to challenge your friends.
  • Set your own difficulty level that allows you to receive suitable spelling word suggestions.
  • You Spell online statistics give you feedback on the most popular words or even the most tricky to spell words.



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