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We recently updated our forums and blog to make it easier for you to speak with us and share your thoughts. We want to have fun making simply great games and apps with you, our community. We can only do so much and so your voice helps us know what YOU want as a collective. Our current plans are to build products that universally work on both iPhones and Androids (including iPads and tablets) and to greatly improve the quality of our products. Leave a comment below and let us know, what would you like to hear about from us and what you would like to see us do.

Updates to the Forum and Blog!

As some of you may know, we had some trouble some time back with spam on our forum. We then decided to close down the forum. Since then I’ve been working on a new setup and we are happy to announce that we have given the forum AND the blog an improved look and feel. It is now much easier to use both. As of now you need to register, which is super quick and easy, to comment on blog posts or to chat in the forums. The same user account works for both the forums and the blog. So we urge you to do so and join the Living Code Labs community. Where you can hang out and talk with a great community and even play a part in the development of new entertaining games or apps.


We look forward to seeing you in the forums!

Living Code Labs

Contest to WIN a FREE copy of Nimble the Mouse

Hello LCL-Fans!

Great News! We are going to be hosting a contest ending this Friday to win a free copy of Nimble the Mouse, for your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch! It is free to enter and as always terms and conditions apply. If you win we will send you a redeem code to download the app for FREE – it’s so simple. So make sure you enter and tell your friends!


For more information click the link below:


Enjoy your week!

Living Code Labs

Create your Perfect Horse!


We have put together a little present for all you horse fans out there! If you head over to Horse Stable Tycoon’s page on Living Code Labs you’ll see a new tab on the left called ‘Free Stuff’. This will allow you to download your very own Create a Horse pack where you can download, print-out, color-in, assemble and play with your very own paper horse and accessories. We want to see what your favorite horses are – maybe dazzling, smart, fancy..? Show us your champion horses by submitting your creations to our Facebook page.

Living Code Labs has got a whole new look!




We’ve been working to improve Living Code Labs and have put together a new logo and website. We’ve got extensive plans for Living Code Labs for the next few months and we’re all really excited.

The updated website design will offer a rich and plentiful content to both entertain and support our community. A forum as been set up where discussions, bugs, problems and suggestions can be submitted in an organised way. As well as product specific information on its own page, including FAQ’s, Tips and More…

We are also moving into the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch marketplace with new ideas and you can expect fun and exciting changes in the near future.