New App! Breathing Gratitude – Read Relaxing Affirmations

FREE on Google Play / Android:

This guided breathing application is quick to open and easy to follow. When you need it, you’ll quickly get your mind focused and feel your body calm down. As you follow the smooth and gentle animation, affirmations designed to positively focus the mind will hold your attention whilst you breathe.

This application uses the 4-7-8 breathing rhythm for maximum results and consistency. You’ll breathe in for four seconds, with the affirmation “I am so Grateful”. I recommend focusing on the feeling of appreciation for the fresh air you’re inhaling. Then after holding for seven seconds, you’ll slowly breathe out for eight seconds. During the exhale you’ll be given the affirmation “I am so Relaxed”. Likewise I recommend focusing on the feeling of relaxing and peacefully letting go, ready for the next grateful inhale.

I designed this for myself, as I wanted something to help calm my nerves during moments of anxiety. As well as focus my mind when it wants to race to stressful thoughts. Instead, focusing on simple gratitude and relaxation. I designed it to be easy on the eyes so that it can be effectively used at night and use less power when needed on the go.

I hope this works effectively for you, as it has for me. If it does help, please let me know with a 5-Star review. It’ll be much appreciated! If you have any special requests, you can contact me here

Namaste! <3