Baker Business 3 Version 1.2 Released!

This update includes new customization features for premium members. You can now change the style of the walls, counters and light fixtures; allowing you to set the style, vibe and tone of your bakery.

Premium members now also have the ability to adjust prices on baked goods. Allowing you to maximize your net profit. The more stars a recipe has the higher you can set your prices.

Although oven bake times are sped up significantly as a premium member, many of you requested the ability to speed boost your ovens by watching an ad, like a free member can. In this update we made it so premium members can still do this, as well as having the faster bake times. The occasional start-up ads, that free members get, will still be removed for premium members.

As well as these additional premium features, we have fixed and improved some other things that all players should benefit from. We’re already working towards the next update that should include more baking categories. Stay tuned and Happy Baking!

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