Baker Business 3 update (v.1.3.3) is being rolled out

Baker Business 3 Feature Graphic

We have seen an increase in the number of Baker Business 3 players over the past few weeks. We have also received an enormous amount of feedback. We really appreciate all of your support and suggestions.

Like for many of you, things have been particularly hectic and challenging in recent months. Despite that, we are doing our best to consider every bit of feedback received and we are committed to bringing improvements, more content and new features to you over the course of many updates.

The main problem we’ve been seeing is a lack of clarity around Premium features, as well as some players thinking ingredients cost real money. We’ve prioritized clarity into this patch and hopefully it’ll make things clearer.

In addition, we’ve thrown in a few adjustments that we hope will make the game feel smoother and more dynamic. Such as ingredients not needing a confirmation popup for every purchase. As well as, customer’s dialogue will disappear faster when you have a lot of customers in your bakery. Among a few other things.

We have many other ideas that we’d like to implement but will require a bit more thought and time. We wanted to get this update out quickly to avoid continued confusion. So many thanks for your patience and support.

As well as this update, we’ve been putting together a FAQ page for Baker Business 3 that we hope will answer some of the commonly asked questions.

Thank you so much from both of us, we really hope you’re all staying happy, safe and healthy.