Baker Business 3 update (v.1.3.3) is being rolled out

Baker Business 3 Feature Graphic

We have seen an increase in the number of Baker Business 3 players over the past few weeks. We have also received an enormous amount of feedback. We really appreciate all of your support and suggestions.

Like for many of you, things have been particularly hectic and challenging in recent months. Despite that, we are doing our best to consider every bit of feedback received and we are committed to bringing improvements, more content and new features to you over the course of many updates.

The main problem we’ve been seeing is a lack of clarity around Premium features, as well as some players thinking ingredients cost real money. We’ve prioritized clarity into this patch and hopefully it’ll make things clearer.

In addition, we’ve thrown in a few adjustments that we hope will make the game feel smoother and more dynamic. Such as ingredients not needing a confirmation popup for every purchase. As well as, customer’s dialogue will disappear faster when you have a lot of customers in your bakery. Among a few other things.

We have many other ideas that we’d like to implement but will require a bit more thought and time. We wanted to get this update out quickly to avoid continued confusion. So many thanks for your patience and support.

As well as this update, we’ve been putting together a FAQ page for Baker Business 3 that we hope will answer some of the commonly asked questions.

Thank you so much from both of us, we really hope you’re all staying happy, safe and healthy.

Baker Business 3 Version 1.3 Released!

This update includes two new baking recipe categories for premium members.

Pies Category
Apple Pie, Cherry Pie, Banana Cream Pie and more…

Specialty Category
Wedding Cake, Cinnamon Buns, Pretzels and more…

Feel free to send us feedback and suggestions for what you would like to see added next!
Happy Baking!

Available Platforms:

Google Play (Android):

Apple (iOS):

Amazon (Kindle):

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Baker Business 3 Version 1.2 Released!

This update includes new customization features for premium members. You can now change the style of the walls, counters and light fixtures; allowing you to set the style, vibe and tone of your bakery.

Premium members now also have the ability to adjust prices on baked goods. Allowing you to maximize your net profit. The more stars a recipe has the higher you can set your prices.

Although oven bake times are sped up significantly as a premium member, many of you requested the ability to speed boost your ovens by watching an ad, like a free member can. In this update we made it so premium members can still do this, as well as having the faster bake times. The occasional start-up ads, that free members get, will still be removed for premium members.

As well as these additional premium features, we have fixed and improved some other things that all players should benefit from. We’re already working towards the next update that should include more baking categories. Stay tuned and Happy Baking!

Available Platforms:

Google Play (Android):

Apple (iOS):

Amazon (Kindle):

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Baker Business 3 Version 1.1 Released!

Introducing the latest edition of the popular mobile game Baker Business! In Baker Business 3 you’ll get the experience of running your very own bakery! By purchasing ingredients, baking a large variety of unlockable recipes, upgrading your bakery, and serving your freshly-baked baked goods to your various customers! All the while leveling up to unlock more surprise recipes and items for your bakery!

Available Platforms:

Google Play (Android):

Apple (iOS):

Amazon (Kindle):

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Baker Business 2 Christmas Edition released on Apple iOS

You can now get the Christmas edition of Baker Business 2 on your Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch!

Baked goods make Christmas extra Christmas-y so get yourself in the festive mood with Baker Business 2 Christmas Edition.


Links to yummy holiday fun on Apple iOS…





Don’t forget you can get Baker Business 2 on Google Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, Apple iOS and coming soon to Windows Phone 8!





Baker Business 2 v.1.0.0 released on Google Play!

Have you heard the news?! Our new game Baker Business 2 is out!

Baker Business 2 has been fully re-designed with a new 3D look and features, faster game play, 30 expansive levels, over 130 items to unlock and sell, a new order system where you manage customer’s orders, faster ovens, ways to promote your bakery and so much more!

Baker Business 2 is available on Google Play / Android devices and will be soon available on all Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

Click here for Google Play Android FREE DEMO

Click here for Google Play Android FULL VERSION


Own your very own bakery with Baker Business 2! Tycoon your way to the top by making tons of delicious treats for your customers! You’ll be able to expand your business and customize your bakery; all the while fulfilling your customer’s orders and boosting your bakery’s rating, making you the #1 bakery in town!

Make a huge range of items for your customers in your very own kitchen where you can bake with ovens and stock super fun appliances with even more possibilities. Baker Business 2 has such a non-stop addictive pace that you won’t be able to put it down. So if you want to be a bakery, coffee shop, donut shop, sell ice cream and more, get it all in one with Baker Business 2.

-Play all 30 levels and unlock over 130+ items including: cakes, cookies, pies, bread, coffee, tea, cocoa, soda pop and MUCH more!

-Unlock perks and promotions that’ll make your bakery thrive!

-Customize your bakery with different shelf choices and wallpaper

-Learn basic business skills by managing money with easy to understand finance reports

-Easy to play and suitable for all ages

-Don’t worry about in-app purchases, you’ll get it all with this one time buy!


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