Baker Business 3 update (v.1.3.3) is being rolled out

Baker Business 3 Feature Graphic

We have seen an increase in the number of Baker Business 3 players over the past few weeks. We have also received an enormous amount of feedback. We really appreciate all of your support and suggestions.

Like for many of you, things have been particularly hectic and challenging in recent months. Despite that, we are doing our best to consider every bit of feedback received and we are committed to bringing improvements, more content and new features to you over the course of many updates.

The main problem we’ve been seeing is a lack of clarity around Premium features, as well as some players thinking ingredients cost real money. We’ve prioritized clarity into this patch and hopefully it’ll make things clearer.

In addition, we’ve thrown in a few adjustments that we hope will make the game feel smoother and more dynamic. Such as ingredients not needing a confirmation popup for every purchase. As well as, customer’s dialogue will disappear faster when you have a lot of customers in your bakery. Among a few other things.

We have many other ideas that we’d like to implement but will require a bit more thought and time. We wanted to get this update out quickly to avoid continued confusion. So many thanks for your patience and support.

As well as this update, we’ve been putting together a FAQ page for Baker Business 3 that we hope will answer some of the commonly asked questions.

Thank you so much from both of us, we really hope you’re all staying happy, safe and healthy.

Living Wild: Island Survival v.1.1.0 Update and iOS Release

Living Wild: Island Survival

Put your survival skills to the test with this unique immersive deserted island roleplay game where any situation can turn deadly. Introducing “Living Wild: Island Survival” Living Code Labs’ Latest Game! Spend your days and nights fending off hunger with a rich variety of food items, crafting your way to a stable shelter, mixing up plants and supplies to treat your wounds—and prevent them from getting worse—all the while trying to keep your spirits high. How long will you survive?

Update v.1.1.0 has been released!
We’ve put together an update that improved the medical treatment interface, added helpful hints to assist new players and other random upgrades to improve your play. We hope you love our casual castaway simulator!

iOS Release for your iPad and iPhone
You can now find Living Wild: Island Survival on the AppStore.

Available platforms:
Apple iOS:


View Living Wild on Living Code Labs

You Spell update version 2.0.1

I’m excited to tell you that You Spell has been updated. We’ve added some new features and have plans to expand on multiple platforms!

So far we’ve released to Google Play / Android and coming soon to iPad, iPhone, Amazon Kindle Fire, Amazon Fire Phone and Windows Phone!

New Features include the ability to have multiple profiles. So you can share the app with your friends and family. This could also allow you to have multiple word sets for example: week one, week two, etc.. We have also added in an easier way to see your statistics under “My Stats”. Allowing you to follow your progress easier.

We hope you enjoy this update and please comment below or post in the You Spell forums with anything you’d love to see with You Spell.

Happy Spelling!



Updates to the Forum and Blog!

As some of you may know, we had some trouble some time back with spam on our forum. We then decided to close down the forum. Since then I’ve been working on a new setup and we are happy to announce that we have given the forum AND the blog an improved look and feel. It is now much easier to use both. As of now you need to register, which is super quick and easy, to comment on blog posts or to chat in the forums. The same user account works for both the forums and the blog. So we urge you to do so and join the Living Code Labs community. Where you can hang out and talk with a great community and even play a part in the development of new entertaining games or apps.


We look forward to seeing you in the forums!

Living Code Labs

Nimble the Mouse v.1.1 Update Released

Nimble the Mouse v.1.1 has now been released on the App Store. Version 1.1 should fix an issue where iPhone 4 was showing a black screen. Visit our forums for more information, where you can also discuss any issues you might be having or talk about how you unlocked the full Nimble Story, who’s top of the leaderboard and more.

Living Code Labs has got a whole new look!




We’ve been working to improve Living Code Labs and have put together a new logo and website. We’ve got extensive plans for Living Code Labs for the next few months and we’re all really excited.

The updated website design will offer a rich and plentiful content to both entertain and support our community. A forum as been set up where discussions, bugs, problems and suggestions can be submitted in an organised way. As well as product specific information on its own page, including FAQ’s, Tips and More…

We are also moving into the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch marketplace with new ideas and you can expect fun and exciting changes in the near future.