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    Adam Bowles

    How do I earn stars?
    As you test yourself on your spelling words, you will notice that as you get it right, you will have less time to examine the word. If once the word gets to the fastest point, you’re still getting it right. Then you will earn stars. If you get an answer wrong however the word will start slowing down. The text you see when you get a word correct will tell you that a star will be soon. This means if you get this word right next time you will get a star. You can gain a maximum of 5 stars on a word. This would mean you have mastered the word!

    Should I delete my words when they reach 5 stars?
    If you have mastered a word or even a few words, what now? Well, even though you have achieved all that you can with this word it is recommended that you keep it. You Spell will focus on newer words or words that you have difficulty with but may occasionally throw in old words. This is a good way to check to make sure you have learnt a word after an extended period of time. This is important when trying to make something stick in your long term memory. Plus it is nice to look back on your achievements! If however you don’t feel confident after 5 stars, you can delete the word and re-learn from scratch. This may be fun when the difficulty / speed of the word goes back to the easiest point.

    How do I delete words?
    From the main menu if you select “My Words” you will see a list of all your words. You simply have to touch the word you want to delete and you will be prompted. Asking if you’re sure you want to delete that word.

    What can I do if the word is too fast?
    The word will get progressively faster until you are simply prompted of the word, it would be too fast to read or memorise but fast enough to know which word you should spell. If it becomes too difficult for you or you just simply missed it, you can touch the Repeat button to show the word again. If the word is still too hard, take a guess, a wrong answer would only make it slightly slower.

    How can I change my difficulty level?
    Your difficulty level is set so that when you request a Random Word it can be roughly at that level which you requested. The difficulty of every word is different for everybody so one difficulty level isn’t perfect, it is a way to gain approximately the right word for you. If you want to change it, you simply go into Options by touching the gear-wheel on the menu page. Then select “Change Difficulty”. You will then be prompted to choose between Easy, Medium and Hard.

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