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    Adam Bowles

    What would you love to see in the next version of Horse Stable Tycoon? What do you love and hate about the current version?


    I am really excited to see that you are doing another version of this game! First and foremost, you really need to improve the horse art. A key appeal to any horse game for the majority of horse-crazy players is having a visually appealing horse to look at! While I have long wanted a good stable management sim, the really fugly ponies in Stable Tycoon 2 made me put the game down and walk away from it at times.

    Second — I would love seeing more business management sim involved. That seems like a really under served horse game market niche across every platform . There was a very fugly art game called Welcome to Trotterville a few years back which began to get into the very interesting business sim aspects, but again the art quality was terrible and the programming was massively buggy.

    If you want beta testers, I would love

    Adam Bowles

    Thank you Brumbi for your feedback!

    We’ll take that into consideration for any future updates.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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