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    Adam Bowles

    Bake lots of cakes!
    Throughout the game you’ll find that cakes are great sellers, they sell as a whole, plus you get a bunch of XP and money from them all in one go.

    Try and get stars
    Stars are important because they increase the quality of the item, which means you get to sell the item for more money. Each item has a possible 3 stars, when you go to bake an item you can see how many more times you need to bake it until your next star. The more you bake the more stars you’ll have!

    Customers like variety
    Try to always maintain a good variety of items in your bakery so you will always have what the customer wants. If you don’t have anything the customer want’s they will leave your bakery.

    Don’t have something the customer wants?
    If there is a red ‘X’ over an item in the customer’s order because you don’t have it don’t panic, you can press the close button at the top right of the order and go into the kitchen to make it for them. You can also press ‘SKIP ORDER’ to make the customer leave or ‘SELL ITEMS’ to sell them the items you do have.

    Need more room? It’s time to expand
    As time goes buy you can and should expand your bakery so that you can have a larger variety of items out. The same goes for your kitchen so you will be able to keep your shelves stocked with all your goodies!

    Want a boost in customers?
    If you’d like to increase your customer flow you can pay to promote your bakery in a variety of fun and effective ways to get the word out. Promotions are found in the business menu in the top right corner under the ‘Promote’ tab.

    Pay attention to your rating
    Your bakery rating is important; it is the main source of customers and affects the amount of customers that enter your bakery. If you don’t have an item or have it priced too high the customer may give you a negative rating. To maintain a high rating always serve the customer what they ask for and at a good price.

    If an item’s price is red the price is too high and customers won’t buy it. If an item’s price is yellow they will buy it, but less often. If an item’s price is green that is a good price and they will buy it. If an item’s price is purple the price is low and customers will buy it more often but you won’t make as much profit, think of a purple price as a sale price. The price band you choose (red, yellow, green or purple) will also determine the rating you’ll receive; the lower the price band the higher the rating.

    Quality of baked items
    The higher your level and the more stars you have on an item the greater the quality will be. Quality affects how much you will be able to sell the item for, if an item has a high quality percentage you will be able to sell it for more than if the item had a lower quality percentage. Also note that the hygiene of your bakery, when lower than zero, will deteriorate the quality of all your items.

    Check prices on baked items
    When baked items are sent to your shelves they automatically have a recommended price set, you can leave the price where it is or you can adjust the price higher or lower. If you adjust it and would like to put it back to the recommended price simply press ‘SET’. You’ll want to check the prices of items now and then to make sure the quality hasn’t gone down thus needing a lower price.

    Check prices on appliance items
    When you stock an appliance you have the option to set the price of the item like you do with baked items, and like baked items there is an optional recommended price. Remember to check the prices on your stocked items because as you level up you’ll be able to sell them for a higher price. If too many levels pass before you check your prices you’ll find that your stocked items are in the purple range, which means they are low prices. For more information on prices see Pricing.

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