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    Adam Bowles

    How to increase your horse’s trust?
    Like with any animal feeding is the way to their heart. Feeding your horse will always increase trust but did you know that by feeding your horse his or her favorite food you’ll gain more than normal trust! Also if you feed your horse something he or she doesn’t like, you’ll still earn trust but at a lower rate.

    Achievement Rewards
    By selecting ‘Achievements’ from the main menu you’ll see a list of challenges and goals for your game. However there is more! Some achievements grant you a reward for completion. Such as unlocking new features or useful bonuses. Be sure to read the achievements carefully as they could really help you progress fast.

    Which Horse Tack to wear?
    Always wear the best suited horse tack that you can get, either from the horse accessory store or your inventory. If you are training a race horse you will want as much stamina and speed as possible. Likewise with show horses you will want as much appearance and obedience as possible.

    Empty Stables
    By leaving stables empty you will earn rent automatically every hour. Starting at $15.00 an hour and increasing each time you buy a new stable. Even if you are absent from the game you’ll still receive the rent when you return, however you will only receive rent for a maximum of 24 hours in one go.

    Calling your horse to feed
    By touching the feed bucket in your inventory you will hear a clicking sound which will call your horse to begin feeding. Your horse won’t eat if his or her stress levels exceed 80%.

    When to hire a Stable Keeper
    Hiring a stable keeper in the beginning or when you are just starting out may not be a good idea because of the cost involved. However, when money isn’t too much of an issue, it’ll keep your horses in the same condition as you left them. This will save you time and help prevent health loss. Especially if you’re going to be absent from the game for some time. Note that your horse’s will still age and a stable keeper only keeps your horses in the condition that you left them in. The more stables you own the more expensive the cost of hiring a stable keeper will be.

    Keep horse and stall clean
    It is important to keep your horses and stalls clean. Poor hygiene will stress your horse, affect his or her performance (especially if he or she is a show horse) and will impact the horse’s health. Keeping it clean is easy. Stroke the stable floor with your finger to brush the stall. Stroke your horse with your finger to brush your horse clean. If your horse has pooped, sweep the floor to remove it.

    Keeping the water bucket filled
    Your horse’s water bucket will lower over time and you should always refill it by holding your finger on it. Your horse will drink MORE when the feed bucket is low or empty so keep your feed topped up to slow down your horse’s need for water.


    Very good information.. I also read your other post and found all are very informative.Its very necessary to make trust will horses.Every point is very clear.

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