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    Adam Bowles

    How many words to add?
    The trick to learning anything is to not overwhelm yourself. Adding 10 words that you find difficult to spell is a good place to start. You could add more if the words you’re choosing are not that difficult for you and require only a little testing.

    How to remember words?
    Everyone learns differently and You Spell uses this to its advantage. By reminding you quickly then asking you to recall the word, you are forming your own way to quickly remember that word. One way of doing this is to break the word down into smaller chunks and say the word in your head how it sounds. For Example: ‘Definitely’ -> De fi nite ly OR De fin it ely. Another example could be ‘Psychology’ -> Psy cho logy. Ultimately what ever feels right to you or makes you remember will work whilst the word works its way into your long term memory. Another important tip is if you’re making a mistake with a particular word, don’t move on to another word until you have got it right. This can be, at times, frustrating but formulating a way to remember the word is crucial. Constantly moving forward from incorrect answers will only slow down your process with that particular word.

    Word Difficulty
    The great thing about You Spell is you can add words in at any time and it will fit right in with whatever words you already have. So if you find yourself going about your day and a word you can not spell confidently jumps out at you. Make note of it and add it into You Spell as soon as you can. Also try out different difficulties by going into Options and selecting Easy, Medium or Hard. This will allow different types of words to be suggested. You might want to try a few times as some words in one category maybe easy to you or just right. If you’re not sure a word is right for you or not, test yourself and see if you have trouble. Most likely you will know that you can spell it but you’re not 100% confident with it. Add it anyway and if it turns out to be too easy, you’ll just end up earning stars faster and You Spell will realise you know this word just fine but will test you again later to make sure.

    Understanding the Leaderboards
    When you click ‘Leaderboard’ on your main menu, you’ll be brought to the Stars Earned Leaderboard via the Game Center. This is a leaderboard for the total accumulated stars each player has built up. This gives you a place in the community and amongst your friends to challenge each other to master new and exciting words.

    After you have 5 Stars / Mastered a Word
    If you have mastered a word or even a few words, what now? Well, even though you have achieved all that you can with this word it is recommended that you keep it. You Spell will focus on newer words or words that you have difficulty with but may occasionally throw in old words. This is a good way to check to make sure you have learnt a word after an extended period of time. This is important when trying to make something stick in your long term memory. Plus it is nice to look back on your achievements! If however you don’t feel confident after 5 stars, you can delete the word and re-learn from scratch. This may be fun when the difficulty / speed of the word goes back to the easiest point.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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