F.A.Q. – Baker Business 3

Here is an updated list of frequently asked questions for Baker Business 3.
If you’re unable to find what you need please Contact Us.

How do I make more money?

As you level up and earn stars on recipes the sell-price for that recipe goes up. You will also unlock “Wholesale Membership Cards” as you level up, allowing you to purchase ingredients in bulk for a cheaper price. So the further you play, the higher your profit margin will be.

How can I maximize a speed-boost?

If you load up as many ovens as you can before using a speed boost you will “instant-bake” all actively baking ovens.

I’m having trouble loading the game.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience you are experiencing! Trouble loading the game can be caused by things like cache or memory problems. First, try restarting your phone. If that doesn’t work, try clearing your phone’s cache. If that doesn’t work try tapping the loading screen’s Baker Business 3 logo until the screen says “clearing cache”. For further assistance please submit a support form.

Why do you charge for BB3 Premium features?

We do our best to make BB3 as free as possible, you can finish the whole game without paying. As a 2-person indie-game team we need to charge for the premium features so that we can afford to make games like this free for everyone. We appreciate any and all support, including watching the optional ads.

Do I need internet access to play?

Once you have fully installed and downloaded the game, you do not need internet access to play. Unless you’re trying to use the oven “Speed Boost” which uses Ads and require internet access.

The “Speed up Ovens” feature isn’t working.

Sometimes ads are unavailable due to our provider, if this persists please send us a support form to let us know.

Will you support other languages in the future?

Yes! We hope to support more languages at some point in the future.

I’m having an issue, what should I do?

Please feel free to send us a support form with as much information about the issue as possible and we will do our best to help get to the bottom of it and resolve the problem.

I have feedback that I think will improve the game.

Wonderful! We love hearing any and all feedback from our players! Please send us a contact form to let us know.

I wrote to you but you didn’t write me back.

We are a 2-person indie game team. We do our best to balance all facets of our work and can’t always respond to every message. Please know that we read all of our support emails + reviews and do our best to respond to as many people as possible as quickly as possible.

I like surprises.

Fantastic! We do too, so we added a few fun clickable surprises around the bakery. Can you find them all?

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