Baker Business 2 v.1.0.0 released on Google Play!

Have you heard the news?! Our new game Baker Business 2 is out!

Baker Business 2 has been fully re-designed with a new 3D look and features, faster game play, 30 expansive levels, over 130 items to unlock and sell, a new order system where you manage customer’s orders, faster ovens, ways to promote your bakery and so much more!

Baker Business 2 is available on Google Play / Android devices and will be soon available on all Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

Click here for Google Play Android FREE DEMO

Click here for Google Play Android FULL VERSION


Own your very own bakery with Baker Business 2! Tycoon your way to the top by making tons of delicious treats for your customers! You’ll be able to expand your business and customize your bakery; all the while fulfilling your customer’s orders and boosting your bakery’s rating, making you the #1 bakery in town!

Make a huge range of items for your customers in your very own kitchen where you can bake with ovens and stock super fun appliances with even more possibilities. Baker Business 2 has such a non-stop addictive pace that you won’t be able to put it down. So if you want to be a bakery, coffee shop, donut shop, sell ice cream and more, get it all in one with Baker Business 2.

-Play all 30 levels and unlock over 130+ items including: cakes, cookies, pies, bread, coffee, tea, cocoa, soda pop and MUCH more!

-Unlock perks and promotions that’ll make your bakery thrive!

-Customize your bakery with different shelf choices and wallpaper

-Learn basic business skills by managing money with easy to understand finance reports

-Easy to play and suitable for all ages

-Don’t worry about in-app purchases, you’ll get it all with this one time buy!


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We recently updated our forums and blog to make it easier for you to speak with us and share your thoughts. We want to have fun making simply great games and apps with you, our community. We can only do so much and so your voice helps us know what YOU want as a collective. Our current plans are to build products that universally work on both iPhones and Androids (including iPads and tablets) and to greatly improve the quality of our products. Leave a comment below and let us know, what would you like to hear about from us and what you would like to see us do.

NEW APP! You Spell v.1.0 has been Released!

You Spell has been released on iOS and can be downloaded now from the AppStore for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!


Want to not only learn to spell words but master them forever? With You Spell you will have fun learning any word fast and effectively. You Spell is so easy to use and is suitable for all ages.

Add in your own words or receive a suggested word, at the touch of a button, for your spelling level. Then earn stars as you master your new words.

Behind the scenes, clever algorithms focus on what difficulties you may have and adjusts itself to help you learn. You will be challenged in a way that teaches your brain to hold words into your long term memory. So you always have the powerfully confident writing style when you need it.


  • Easy to use for any age!
  • Ideal for parents or teachers wanting to give their children a tool that will test their spelling words and give them a fun way to figure out their own methods of remembering with the aid of You Spell.
  • Ideal for anyone wanting to never forget how to spell that word again!
  • Achievements to mark those milestones in your learning.
  • Leaderboard to challenge your friends.
  • Set your own difficulty level that allows you to receive suitable spelling word suggestions.
  • You Spell online statistics give you feedback on the most popular words or even the most tricky to spell words.



Updates to the Forum and Blog!

As some of you may know, we had some trouble some time back with spam on our forum. We then decided to close down the forum. Since then I’ve been working on a new setup and we are happy to announce that we have given the forum AND the blog an improved look and feel. It is now much easier to use both. As of now you need to register, which is super quick and easy, to comment on blog posts or to chat in the forums. The same user account works for both the forums and the blog. So we urge you to do so and join the Living Code Labs community. Where you can hang out and talk with a great community and even play a part in the development of new entertaining games or apps.


We look forward to seeing you in the forums!

Living Code Labs

Contest to WIN a FREE copy of Nimble the Mouse

Hello LCL-Fans!

Great News! We are going to be hosting a contest ending this Friday to win a free copy of Nimble the Mouse, for your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch! It is free to enter and as always terms and conditions apply. If you win we will send you a redeem code to download the app for FREE – it’s so simple. So make sure you enter and tell your friends!


For more information click the link below:


Enjoy your week!

Living Code Labs

Nimble the Mouse v.1.1 Update Released

Nimble the Mouse v.1.1 has now been released on the App Store. Version 1.1 should fix an issue where iPhone 4 was showing a black screen. Visit our forums for more information, where you can also discuss any issues you might be having or talk about how you unlocked the full Nimble Story, who’s top of the leaderboard and more.

Nimble the Mouse v.1.0 Release


Nimble the Mouse v.1.0 has been released on the Apple App Store   View Page


Nimble the Mouse is a fast paced arcade adventure game. Featuring Nimble, as he and his sister, Nini, carry out a plan to save their brother; who was captured by the evil cat lady. The pair must save up cheese from all the houses in order to bribe the local rats for assistance!

You will be faced with 10 increasingly challenging levels that carry you through the story of Nimble. The final level being the epic conclusion and with the rats help, will you be able to evade the cats?


– Game Center Achievements
– 11 Game Center Leaderboards


An exciting game of skill that will test you against your friends.

Create your Perfect Horse!


We have put together a little present for all you horse fans out there! If you head over to Horse Stable Tycoon’s page on Living Code Labs you’ll see a new tab on the left called ‘Free Stuff’. This will allow you to download your very own Create a Horse pack where you can download, print-out, color-in, assemble and play with your very own paper horse and accessories. We want to see what your favorite horses are – maybe dazzling, smart, fancy..? Show us your champion horses by submitting your creations to our Facebook page.

Nimble the Mouse – NEW Game Coming Soon!

We’ve been working hard to bring you our first iOS game! The game named ‘Nimble the Mouse’ has been a fun new challenge for us. The game is a fast paced arcade style game. Featuring Nimble as he and his sister, Nini, carry out a plan to save their brother; who was captured by the evil cat lady. The pair must save up cheese from all the houses in order to bribe the local rats for assistance! So stay tuned as the game will be releasing in the next week or so if all goes well.